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Tokyo poster

The Art Exchange Group of Tokyo assembles a nicely designed presentation of their members' projects. Click image to see larger version.

Some examples of backgrounds and finished projects from 2012 are shown below. Click the background image to see what the counterpart artist did to finish the work.

Blue Dog Background



Since 2007, the Artist Guild of Shrewsbury and the Art Exchange Group of Tokyo have collaborated in a unique form of communication. A silent communication through art based on understanding, acceptance and developing a genuine sense of friendship and community.

Artists in both countries create an unfinished piece of art.  We send the unfinished art to each other along with a booklet of photos of the artists and a friendly letter written to whomever receives the unfinished artwork. We do this so each artist knows whose hands have touched the art. Gifts are sent along as well. When the unfinished art is completed it is assembled in a package along with a second booklet showing who completed the art and a letter of thanks. Gifts are again given. The coordinator in Tokyo is a wonderful artist named Ryoko Fukuda.

Ryoko Fukuda

This project is unique to the guild and I believe unique to the world in general. I don’t know of any other artist doing this nor have I heard of projects like this one. Our Art Exchange will continue for many years. As one Japanese artist said, “This is a powerful project.” I believe this is true due to the fact that it is based on honest intentions and kind patience.

Robert Wilson -Chairman of Artist Guild of Shrewsbury


  Red Background


Bird Background



Portrait Background

Moonlight Background