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Members of the Artists' Guild of Shrewsbury are displaying their work at the Shrewsbury Credit Union building at the corner or Route 9 and Lake St. The theme of the exhibit on display August 4 - September 15, 2015 is:

"Drip, Dribble and Splash: Art with Music, Rhythm and Feeling"

Most work is available for sale; contact the Artists Guild for more information.



Discoveries in Pink

Discoveries on Pink by Aili P. Singer
Watercolor. Price: $250


Gasoline Rainbows

Gasoline Rainbows by Jackie Stein
Watercolor. Price: $350


Starfish Study by Cynthia McGuire Staub
Graphite. Price: NFS



Walking Hats

Walking with Hats by Aili P. Singer
Watercolor. Price: $200


Portals by M.J. Clark
Acrylic. Price: NFS



Industrial Weave

Industrial Weave by M.J. Clark
Acrylic. Price: $650


Blue Heron

Blue Heron Sudbury River by Peggy M. St. John
Watercolor. Price: $200


Sea Festival

Sea Festival by Joseph Rice
Watercolor. Price: $185

A Family

A Family by Robert Wilson
Hand-made paper, watercolor. Price: NFS




The Quilter by Aili P. Singer
Watercolor. Price: $150

blush unseen

Blush Unseen I by Christine Anderson
Mixed media. Price: $40




Untitled by Ralph Parente
Oil on canvas.      Price: NFS


The Seagull by John Gagliardo
Photograph. Price: $175



Neon Jungle

Neon Jungle by M.J. Clark
Acrylic   Price: $400

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