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Members of the Artists' Guild of Shrewsbury are displaying their work at the Shrewsbury Credit Union building at the corner or Route 9 and Lake St. The theme of the exhibit on display June 24 - August 4, 2015 is:

"As Far as the Eye Can See: Images of Land, Sea and Sky"

Most work is available for sale; contact the Artists Guild for more information.



Offshore Sailing

Offshore Sailing by John Gagliardo
Photograph 22" x  26" Price: $275


Old Cart Road

The Cart Road by Evelyn Abasiano
Oil 11" x 14" Price: $250

Christmas Cove

Christmas Cove in Maine by June Melden
Watercolor 24" x 14" Price: $ 750



Spring Grazing

Spring Grazing by Jackie Stein
Oil 18" x 24" Price: $850

English Countryside
English Countryside by Kay Vuona
Watercolor 28” x 31” Price: $310



Harvard, Mass

Harvard, MA b y Robert Wilson
Oil 11" x 14" Price: $250



Sawhorses by Joseph Rice
Watercolor 11" x  14" Price: $295



Overlooking Ocean View by Evelyn Abasciano
Acrylic 11" x 14" Price: $195

Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset by John Gagliardo
Photograph 16" x  20"  Price: $275



Painters Gathering

Painters’ Gathering  (Artemas Ward House) by Joseph Rice
Acrylic 18" x 24" Price: $325

Solitary Flight

Solitary Flight by Aili P. Singer
Photograph 11" x 14" Price: $60


  Maine Island

Island in Maine by June Melden
Watercolor 21" x 14"      Price: $690

Country House

Country Home by June Melden
Watercolor 29" x 22" NFS

  Marion's Camp

Marion’s Camp, Sutton MA by Robert Wilson
Oil 11" x 14" Price: $250 


Rainy Day Tower Hill

Rainy Day at Tower Hill by Joseph Rice
Acrylic  16" x 20" Price: $295

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