Spirit of Shrewsbury, September 2013

Exhibit preparations

The Spirit of Shrewsbury show held at Shrewsbury Crossings, 311 Main Street,opened on Friday, September 2.

 It was judged by Bruce Woods, owner of the Woodshed Gallery in Franklin and a well-known acrylic landscape painter.  Prizes werel awarded, including gift cards generously donated by C.C. Lowell Art Supplies and Framing.

The Hanging committee did a great job arranging the work, and there was a wonderful opening reception provided by the Crossings.

Come on out and enjoy beautiful artwork, and one of our best shows ever!   The show ends December 2.

Thanks to Sam Lee for the great photos.

Opening Reception


Robert Wilson

Above: Robert Wilson, AGS Chairman announces winners; right:Kelly Marcimo,
Director of Community Relations for Shrewsbury Crossings.





First Place: Joseph Rice, 'Abandoned' - Watercolor

Joseph Rice painting


Judge's Comments

With a simple palette and an economy of details, the artist has captured sunlight, shade, and the gentle motion of a summer breeze.  It seems that the attributes of the day are more important than the location depicted, allowing a viewer to escape into a gentle moment in time.


Seond Place: Ann Barbato,  ‘Frau Finnegan' - Collage

Barbato collage


Judge's Comments

The art of collage is fraught with peril.  So often subject matter overwhelms aesthetic decisions. But this delicately layered and dynamic composition beckons without blatantly broadcasting its literary message.  On purely visual terms, it is complex, balanced, and infused with a gentle sensibility.  On close inspection, it reveals many surprising and enriching elements.




Third Place: June Meldon,  ‘3 Boats’ - Watercolor

June Melden


Judge's Comments

This dockside view combines a fine sense of formal composition and a mastery of watercolor techniques.  The interplay of hard edges and softly undulating water create a heightened awareness of  the moment which the artist is sharing with us.




Honorable Mentions:



Aili Singer,  ‘Flowers in a Grey Vase’ - Watercolor

Singer work


Judge's Comments

The stylization of this floral still life hints that the artist has an appreciation for historical graphic styles.  Immediately the lyrical renderings of Matisse and Van Gogh came to mind, and even the art-nouveau undulations of Emile Galle and the pop art flatness of Peter Max.  The painting has a playful energy and power which is usually evidenced in much larger works.


Joseph Allen,   ‘Marconi Beach’ - Photograph

Joseph Allen


Judge's Comments

An ominous shadow encroaching on this beach scene sets up a tension and rhythm which pulses through the shoreline, waves and horizon.  The richly colored staccato dots of tents and bathers is offset by soft textures of water and sky.  All together, the photo has a strength of vision and execution which place it among the best of its genre.

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