Spirit of Shrewsbury, September 2014


Fay Morrison Painting


The Spirit of Shrewsbury show held at Shrewsbury Crossings, 311 Main Street,opened on Friday, September 23. This show was dedicated to Fay Morrisson, long-time member who passed away earlier this year. One of Fay's paintings (shown above) was on display, and her daughters attended the opening.

Our judge this year was Sid Solomon, a local artist, teacher and critic.

The show remains on view until December 1, 2014.





First Place:
J. Lee Benson "A Lane's Cove Conversation" - Watercolor



Judge's Comments

This is a freely painted artist's response to a stimulating visual experience in plein air painting. The two characters having the conversation are reduced in detail to nicely subordinate them to the main subject, which is the wild pattern of trees against the landscape. The trees are simple, modeled in two values, but dynamically energize the
space as they march up the hillside. The colors are harmoniously muted, and applied with spontaneity and dash.


Seond Place: Sam Lee "White Throated Sparrow" - Photograph

Sam Lee


Judge's Comments

The brilliant red leaves of the burning bush against the muted yellow background in this photograph are striking, and very attractive. Limited depth of field, which shows the bird sharply against an out of focus background, is very effective. The bird appears to have a lot of character as he purposely grips a berry. A very nice shot well printed.




Third Place: Cindy Staub "Remnants of Summer" - Watercolor

Cindy Staub


Judge's Comments

A very pleasing watercolor handling of lost and found, and hard versus soft edges. The watercolor washes on the bottle and glasses are very subtly blended, and take advantage of the generous amount of white space. The feeling is almost like oriental watercolor technique. The complementary color harmony, warm versus cool is also very satisfying.




Honorable Mentions:





Pam Haynes "Trekker's Ice Cream" - Watercolor

This very nicely painted child eating ice cream has good drawing, clean, bright colors,
skillful modeling of forms and appealing subject matter. It verges on the “cute”, but
is not quite Norman Rockwelly. The background detail is nicely subordinated to the
main figure and the geometric shapes are an effective contrast.

Natures Splendor  

John Gagliardo "Nature's Splendor" - Watercolor

This watercolor captures the feeling of a cool, clear day in the mountains. The air is
fresh and everything is simple. A band of sky above, a band of water below, and an
imposing mountain between make a simple, but satisfying statement. The little boat
is enough to balance the jagged mountain peak. The effect is like a breath of fresh air.





Joseph Rice " Sawhorses"

This very well painted watercolor could have been titled “Shed”. The sawhorses
occupy a minor position in the foreground but are dominated by the centrally located
shed. The colors are clean and bright and applied with assurance. The dark, background
trees are particularly effective. A nicely executed study.

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