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The Artists Guild of Shrewsbury fall show is on display September 22 - October 12, 2015 at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA.

"A Glimpse of Nature"

Work is available for sale while on display at Tower Hill.

contact the Artists Guild for more information.



Antique Blooms

TITLE:  Antique Blooms
MEDIUM: Oil & Acrylic Collage         
SIZE: 16 x 20
PRICE:  $450.



Garden Wall

ARTIST: Kathleen  (Kay) Vuona
TITLE: Garden Wall
MEDIUM: Watercolor
SIZE: 16 x 20
PRICE:  $240.

Hitching Post

ARTIST: Fern Nissim
TITLE: The Hitching Post
MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
SIZE: 16 x 20
PRICE: $299.00



Blush Unseen

ARTIST: Chris Anderson
TITLE: Blush Unseen III
SIZE: 11” x 14”
PRICE: $140.00


Cascade Cavern


ARTIST: Aili P. Singer
TITLE: Cascade Cavern
MEDIUM: mixed media
SIZE: 11 x 14 image
PRICE: 400

After the Rain


ARTIST: J. Lee Benson
TITLE: Tower Hill, After the Rain
MEDIUM: Watercolor
SIZE: 22"X30" (frame, 31.5"X39.5")
PRICE: $2,500.
Garden Seashells


ARTIST: Pauline Bergassi
TITLE: Garden Seashells - Peonies
MEDIUM: Pressed Botanicals
SIZE: 11 x 14
PRICE: $325
  Hydrangea Leaves


ARTIST: Lee Smith
TITLE: Hydrangea Leaves
MEDIUM: Ceramic
SIZE: 8" x 14"
PRICE: $200
Indian Summer


ARTIST:  Cynthia L.  Staub
TITLE: Indian Summer
MEDIUM: watercolor
SIZE: 16 x 20
PRICE:  $450


Autumn Blue Jays


ARTIST:  Sam Lee
TITLE: Autumn Blue Jays
MEDIUM: Acrylic
SIZE: 15” x 19”
PRICE: 1,750.00


Looking Up


ARTIST:  Jenn Falcon 
TITLE: Things are Looking Up
MEDIUM: Colored pencil on bristol board
SIZE: 11 by 14
PRICE: $400

  Orchard Harvest


ARTIST:  Mary J. Dunn 
TITLE: Orchard Harvest
SIZE: 11"x14”
PRICE:  $390.00


Row of Trees


ARTIST: Steve Faucher
TITLE: Row of Trees
MEDIUM: Pastel
SIZE: 9x12
PRICE: $800


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