List of Participating Artists



Evelyn Abasciano
 I began painting as a teenager, studying under Barbara Van Stappen who was a significant influence in my development as a painter. I also took courses in several mediums at the Art Museum & Worcester State University, but oils are my first preference. I have exhibited mainly locally. I am a member of the Worcester Art Museum, Northboro Art Guild and Artist Guild of Shrewsbury..




Venetian sunset River Scene
Lori Aberg

I'm a relative newcomer to the art world, having first picked up a watercolor brush at WAM in 2012. There's been no looking back! Previously, I worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry (BS Pharmacy, Univ of AZ ). I find inspiration in and around my home. The bird feeder, garden and family pets all provide unlimited source material. My desire is to tell a story, the narrative being determined by the viewer. My work has been likened to Illustration, in that respect. I find art classes stimulating and challenging. I am currently taking an old world atelier style class in Barque and Cast drawing at NESFA. Seeing the world anew in shadow and light, live and learn!


Grey Cat Big Cat
Noor Ali 

 I was born and raised in Pakistan, and lived in Malaysia and New Jersey before coming to Shrewsbury, MA. The collection of photographs captures the many places I can call home. 


Chris Anderson

During the past several years, I have been enjoying painting with watercolor as well as photography and flower preservation. Having a career in science, I am logically interested in new mediums to discover nature’s beauty. Recently, I have been exploring hammered flowers on textiles and paper. The forms and colors that are revealed are more often than not unpredictable – very much the way of life!



Blush Unseen  
Elly Beatty
I am the youngest member of an artistic family.  My two older brothers and my eldest sister all had art training and careers in art. They influenced my passion for art and encouraged me to develop my talents. My undergraduate studies were at Massachusetts College of Art and design and I became an arts advocate and educator first in New York State and then here in Worcester for over 30 years until "retirement "at the end of December 1999. My education and art experience continues, working in multimedia and recently taking up Asian brush painting.





Matthew Bisceglia
Matthew's current artwork is in creating an assortment of wall-hung masks he makes in ceramic stoneware.  He is inspired by a variety of sources including ancient and primitive cultures.

Mask 1


Mask 2


Mask 3


M J Clark

Melissa sat many hours in her father’s art studio when she was a child, listening to Lawrence Welk, creating along with him and wondering about the human skull in the corner.  The artist’s prop gave her the foundation she needed to enter the world of forensics where she was able to assist law-enforcement in identification procedures.  Melissa is happiest when creating something whether it is with paint, clay, furniture, fabric or words.  Her short story, The Color of Worry was published last year and one day, when completed, she hopes her novels will be.  Most recently, though, she is working on the renovation of her new-old house, a 116-year old Antique Victorian.  So many projects, so little time….

Wyoming Cedars

Aussie Schoolhouse


cottage pier


Joan DeSantis

Creating art has always been a passion of mine. I am a retired art educator. I taught grades pre-kindergarten through High School. My art brings me great joy. Inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, with the many colors, shapes, lines and textures. Painting outside, on location, is something I enjoy in nice weather.My glass designs are one-of-a- kind originals. I like to incorporate stones, shells, etc. into my work.




Rocky Shore


Mary Dunn
The creation of art work is vital to my life. I enjoy working with various media, techniques, and methods. At this time I am using detailed realism to express my ideas and I work in both traditional size and miniature size paintings. I appreciate the support of The Artist Guild Shrewsbury.

Nautical Still Life


Still Life Oysters and Pearls
Carol Mae Ebacher

Carol Mae is a long time resident of Shrewsbury.  She majored in art in High School and has dabbled in arts of all kinds, ever since.  She now spends much of her time with her three cats and in her gardens. She hopes others will enjoy looking at her creations.


blue Abstract


Brown Abstract


Patricia Erickson

 I have always been interested in Art and today I am showing five of my original paintings which I hope speak to you. One done in oil and four done in acrylic.



Erickson Tree



Mountain Scenery


Jenn Falcon

Jenn Falcon is a graduate of Pratt Institute.  She grew up in Worcester, but has lived in other parts of Massachusetts, in New York, Arizona, and California.  She teaches at Worcester Art Museum and has taught at the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix, the Randall Children’s Museum in San Francisco, in public schools, and in other programs.
Working in various media, she has created images of more than 25 national, tribal, state and municipal parks/forests/reserves/monuments and was an artist in residence at Petrified Forest National Park.

She completed two years of service in Americorps, and continues to volunteer and allow her work published for various environmental, educational, social and arts causes.


Pink Desert Fences
Steve Faucher

I started my artistic training in designing logos and illustrations after receiving my B.F.A.  Although my designs were used by many businesses, this never quite captured my heart and imagination.  I’m not as big an advocate of “beautiful places” as one might think. When I find a spot that moves me, I try to look through it, to the spiritual and imaginative qualities that the place may possess.  I work to tell the viewer how I feel, what I sense and the emotions that stir me. This is what I strive for in my art.


Faucher Big Sky


Faucher Pink Tree


Faucher Nocturne


Sue Fleishman

Art has always been part of my life. Over the years, I have taken classes in watercolor, acrylics, figure and portrait drawing, and mixed media. Lately, I have concentrated on acrylics. What captures my imagination are the colors, textures, patterns, and shapes, which develop by moving paints around on different surfaces. The subjects I love to paint and sketch the most are birds, flowers and landscapes, and our animals companions, who hold such large places in our hearts. I work from photographs most of which I've taken myself and I try to capture the special feeling which the camera does not see.


Into the Woods Sculpture Garden Rockport Kayaks
John P. Gagliardo

John has done extensive travel, over many years, for both business and pleasure.  He is always accompanied by a camera.  During these travels he has taken many photographs of scenes and subjects that he finds interesting.   John is no stranger to the Rockwood Sprinkler Company.  He spent some years doing creative work of another kind—as an engineer, designing fire-fighting equipment.  It is only fitting he show off his keen photographic eye here, in this building. 


On the Dock


Sunset Palms


Linda Johnson
 I grew up in two Detroit suburbs. I became interested in art when I was a child. After I won a school-wide art contest, my mother sent me to classes. I excelled at portrait painting. With many other interests--reading, writing, history, politics--I decided to major in English in college, assuming one could not make a living as an artist. After teaching English and reading at Detroit and Phoenix high schools, I earned my Ph.D and became a professor at the University of Iowa. I applied my artistic abilities in my work whenever I could. I studied one summer in Spain and hitchhiked through England and Scotland. I spent a year teaching in Malaysia. When I wasn’t teaching, I traveled throughout Asia and Australia. After marrying, my husband and I traveled in every state of the U.S. (except Hawaii) and in most provinces of Canada. We also traveled in Europe and South America. During most of this time, I pursued my interests in birding and photography. This influenced the painting I do now.  In 2002, we moved to Massachusetts where I began painting once more. Since then, I’ve completed numerous art courses at Worcester State University and at Worcester Art Museum. My favorite art activity is painting portraits in pastels or oils at the Princeton Art Society Portrait Group. I have won several awards for my paintings.


Daughters Home


Field Workers Picket Fence
Jack Kennedy

 I have been drawing and painting all of my life as a hobby. Working mostly in oils, acrylics , watercolors, and pastels. I have studied with teachers in Rhode Island Worcester. A past member of the Princeton Art Society and the Leominster Art Society, I am now a member of the Artist Guild  of Shrewsbury.  I have five watercolors in this show inspired by my travel and my neighborhood.

Kennedy Sailboat

Kennedy Trees


Sam Lee

I am a freelance photographer creating stock imagery, videos and fine art digital contents. My digital media has been widely used by creative professionals at graphic design firms, marketing departments and publishing channels such as newspapers, magazines, books and online communities. I offer my work through websites of global online visual content distributing agencies and art retailers, including Shutterstock, iStockphoto (Getty Images), Dreamstime,,, Imagekind and CafePress.








Sau-Mei Leung

Sau-Mei Leung was born in Hong Kong and studied Chinese calligraphy when she was 7-years old.   Mei (pronounced May) then taught herself Chinese Brush painting when she was at the University of Connecticut, where she received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry.  The idea of simplicity from both traditional Taoism and Buddhism deeply influences her work.  She also likes to incorporate in her work the technical skills she has learned from her scientific and art training in the United States. Mei is an avid mountain runner and her favorite runs include Mount Marcy (5343 feet) in NY, Mount Washington (6289 feet) in NH and Half Dome (8839 feet) in Yosemite CA.  The beautiful scenery and the toughness of these mountain runs inspires her artwork. 






Elizabeth McDonald

 Retirement, to me, means more time to enjoy the finer things in life—namely, the arts.  I have taken classes at the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester State University, Emerson Umbrella and privately.  I enjoy all aspects of art, including learning how-to, the history of art, famous artists, and, of course, meeting others with similar interests.  I enjoy painting, and hope my viewers find my paintings pleasurable.






Elaine Milosz
In 2011 I took my first painting class, Watercolor, at Worcester State University and have continued taking art classes since then.  Painting is fun!  I feel energy in Acrylics and relaxation in watercolors. Both medium have taken me to places I never knew existed inside me.  The results astonish me.  I am drawn to abstract because it allows me to push the paint around to create a feeling rather than the likeness of an object.  I hope my paintings relay to you a moment of pleasure




Purple Sun
Fern Nissim

Fern Nissim of Shrewsbury has interpreted Visual Voices with her keen eye of capturing a momentary expression or sentiment through a camera lens or acrylic painting. She expresses her love of the arts by utilizing her broad experience as an international communications, marketing professional in the corporate and nonprofit venues along with her entrepreneurial spirit. Her formal education was at Mass College of Art in Boston and various other continuing educational programs.


Pam Pollan

Pam Pollan combines her love of light and nature in her landscape, floral and abstract photography. Whether celebrating flowers, or exploring local (and not so local) parks and trails.

She provides a closeup and often playful look into her beautiful world. Born and raised in Worcester, Pam studied with Jogie Tsang and Tony Trippi at Doherty Memorial High School, Henry Cataldo and Laura Blacklow at Mass. College of Art in Boston, Tom Lewis at the Worcester Art Museum.

She has exhibited with the Artist Guild of Shrewsbury, River's Edge Arts Alliance, the Worcester Alliance of Photographers, the New England Light Painters and the Northboro Arts Guild.


Pam Pollan Riverbank Pam Pollan Cornfield Pam Pollan Swirls
Pam Provo
 After only having been painting for a short time, this commissioned artist donates most of her work to charitable foundations for auction to support various causes, especially in education and healthcare. After 30 years of dreaming about becoming an artist Pam picked up a brush and has found it joyful ever since. Pam is an executive with a financial services corporation and an author of a bestselling book based on her work as a consumer advocate.

botanic Garden

Floating Market

Poppy Field


Joseph Rice
Joseph has painted since childhood (with frequent hiatuses). He specializes in compositions that include architecture, and is often inspired by the decrepit and abandoned. He is as likely to use a trash heap as subject matter as he would a vase of roses. He goes out plein-air painting, but doesn't really like nature. He's trying to do more figural work, but doesn't really like people. He likes to speak of himself in the third person. Some days he feels like painting. Most days he doesn't. It's just something we have to deal with.
Power Psychic Wiscasset Garden

Nothing On


Aili (Paal) Singer

When I have enjoyed something, someone, or some place, I tend to paint more realistically. When I follow my imagination alone, I tend to paint more suggestively or whimsically. With some exceptions, bright and happy colors emerge in my expressions.


Chilly Out




Sid Solomon

Sid Solomon’s over- sixty- year career in art began at the School of the Worcester Art Museum in 1951.  After graduation he painted portraits in south Florida, and studied with the nationally known portrait painter, Edmund Archer in D.C.  He taught at the Corcoran Art School and became director in the U.S. Army Crafts Program.  While working for the 7th Army Training Command in Germany he had the advantage of travel and study in the major art centers of Europe.  Currently, Sid maintains a studio in Worcester, coordinates workshops of the Worcester Life Drawing Group and paints both portraits and landscapes of colorful New England in all seasons.  He states, “A good portrait painter can paint anything.”





Cynthia Staub

As a Design student at Syracuse University I studied nature as the basis for my art work in both
painting and sculpture.  I was always outside on the lookout for a hidden creek bed or cavern entrance to sketch and photograph.  As an interior designer I incorporated technology into inviting spaces suitable for everyday life often with man-made materials. Now retired, I've returned to the outdoors to study and sketch the spatial characteristics of nature
before I return home to paint.


Staub Forest StaubYellowGreen
Jacquelyn M. Stein
Jackie was mentored early on by her Dad, Harvey Ball, best known as the creator of the renowned Smiley Face. She spent time during high school working and learning the graphic arts trade in his advertising agency. Before computers she established her "Stein Design" calligraphy business while taking classes necessary to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree. This resulted in a career as a WPS elementary art teacher. Currently Jackie is being commissioned to paint oil portraits of people's beloved pets.


Never off Duty



Peggy St. John

As an artist, Peg captures the beauty and changing moods of nature’s landscapes: a person sitting in a chair posing, a casual photo taken unaware, or even an old jug sitting on a stranger’s doorstep.  She allows her imagination to travel wherever it wants, evoking inspiration from sights around her. Peg uses a color palette that ranges, as nature does, from monochromatic to brilliant hues.  Peg’s work is conceived from photographs taken by herself or others, of natural landscapes, man-made structures, or people and animals.

Peg’s work has been exhibited at the Worcester Art Museum, Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT), Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union and Tower Hill Botanical Gardens.  She continues to be motivated by her surroundings, developing her own personal style with the guidance of exceptional current and past instructors including: Cecilia Sharma, accomplished artist and award winner, Bill Griffiths, Sue Dion and Susan Swinand.


  Covered bridge
Kathleen Vuona
 I have always been interested in drawing and painting, since childhood. I did decorative folk art and craft painting with acrylics for 20 years along with fabric painting.  For a period of time I taught these arts in my home, at Michaels Craft Store and at the Shrewsbury Senior center.  In recent years, a friend introduced me to watercolors and I fell in love with it!  I have taken several classes at the Worcester Art Museum with renowned artist Bill Griffiths.  I winter in Florida where I am able to continuously study with artist Joan Tibieri.  I exhibit my works with the hope of inspiring others.  I just love what I do!  


Yellow Window

Vuona Window




Robert Wilson
 I try to make my artwork look aesthetically beautiful—plain and simple. There is no message in my art: only feelings of something unexplainable that holds my attention with an experience independent of the real object. I am constantly learning about how to create what nature does so easily.



Secret Garden Bridge

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