Henry Bergassi

Henry Bergassi

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Artist's Biography

I became interested in painting in 1998 while visiting a gallery exhibit in Vermont. The landscapes intrigued me and I decided that I would like to try to paint. I felt a certain confidence about this since I had just successfully completed another ambition of mine – climbing Cathedral Ledge in NH. That was another “I can do that” time in my life. Painting, however, is a little more difficult than rock climbing.

Over the years, I have taken classes in drawing and sketching and attended a week-long “Plein Air” seminar in Old Lyme, CT. I enjoyed being outdoors and painting scenes in interesting and less traveled places. I am currently taking classes at the Worcester Art Museum to perfect my skill and technique.



  • Worcester Public Library 2008

  • Massachusetts Artists Charity Art Show (UNICEF) 2008

  • Central One Federal Credit Union, 2007, 2008

  • Old Lyme, CT 2006


  • Artist Guild of Shrewsbury

  • Worcester County Horticultural Society

  • Worcester Museum of Art

  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts

  • Mass Wildlife – Volunteer Instructor




Bamboo plant

Long Term Parking


Acrylic/Panel; 8x10"

Longterm Parking, Old Lyme, Conn
Acrylic/Canvas Panel; 8x10"


    Roadside Field Viewing Lynde Point

Roadside Field
Acrylic on masonite panel; 8x10"

Viewing Lynde Point - CT River
Acrylic on masonite panel; 8x10