Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

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Artist's Biography

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and crafts (pen and ink and macramé). During the past few years I started watercolor painting. I love the way the colors flow and play together often in an unexpected manner – very much the way of life!

Exhibits and other Associations:


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Fall Unseen 1

Christine's botanical images are produced by pounding plant material onto the paper. Coloring is from the plant; no ink or paints are used.


Fall unseen


    Aidyn Fire   Autumn Fog


  Aidyn Fire


Autumn Fog





Camp Sunset

“Day is Done”  

Watercolor sunset on Hogan Pond, Oxford, Maine

    Wedding Bouquet

"Special Memories"
Dried floral composition



Crosbys Landing

Crosby's Landing


Blush Unseen

"Blush Unseen"
Dried floral composition


Free Fall

"Free Fall"
Dried floral composition






Grace in the Desert

"Grace in the Desert"