Melissa Clark Maglio

Melissa Maglio



Artist's Biography

Melissa sat many hours in her father’s art studio when she was a child, listening to Lawrence Welk, creating along with him and wondering about the human skull in the corner.  The artist’s prop gave her the foundation she needed to enter the world of forensics where she was able to assist law-enforcement in identification procedures.  Melissa is happiest when creating something whether it is with paint, clay, furniture, fabric or words.  Her short story, The Color of Worry was published last year and one day, when completed, she hopes her novels will be.  Most recently, though, she is working on the renovation of her new-old house, a 116-year old Antique Victorian.  So many projects, so little time….

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  Hamilton Church

Hamilton Church - Oil



Orien - Clay


    Royal Comfort

Royal Comfort - Oil



Sea Sway


Together - Oil


    Want Some?

Want Some? - Oil