Pauline Bergassi

Pauline Bergassi

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Artist's Biography

Artist and Gardener, Pauline Bergassi, BA, M.Ed. is a retired teacher who would like to prove that the ancient art of flower pressing is alive and well in the 21st century!

I have always pressed plants from my garden to enjoy indoors (framed under glass) during the long winter months.  Throughout the years, I have learned a great deal by trying new methods, using different flowers, and arranging various combinations and designs.  Each plant possesses a unique artistic quality that is captured by pressing.  The flowers or ferns are mounted on papers from all over the world to create unique textures, colors, and patterns.  The final image of each botanical artwork is, hopefully, a recreation of its place in my garden in a natural and sometimes imperfect form.

The plants that I press are all home-grown in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts!




  • Flower Show – Post Rd. Art Center, Marlborough   May 2014
  • Holly Days-Tower Hill Botanic Garden – December 2011, 2012
  • Central One Federal Credit Union  April 2007
  • Anna Maria Alumni Art Event November 2007, 2008
  • Post Road Art Center Flower Show  May-June 2007
  • Artisan Weekend - Tower Hill Botanic Garden October 2014
  • Berlin Artisan Fair - November 2014
  • Holly Days - Tower Hill Botanic Garden  December 2014
  • Flora in Winter - February 2015 


  • Tower Hill Botanic Garden – Annual Shades of Autumn Event since October 2006
  • Lucia’s Ristorante, Thames St. Newport, RI   since 2008
  • RenOvo, Shrewsbury, MA (Dr. Casella’s office) since 2010


  • Artist Guild of Shrewsbury
  • Worcester County Horticultural Society
  • New England Wild Flower Society
  • Museum of Fine Arts – Boston
  • Museum of Art – Worcester




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Summer Hydrangeas

Summer Beauty Hydrangeas


Love Vine


Love Vine and Wild Grasses


Floral Wreath




Yankee Delphinium


Vase Trio

Vase Trio