Sid Solomon

Sid Solomon

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Sid Solomon is a plein air painter whose landscapes of sparkling Autumn hillsides, muted Spring days of melting snow or fishing boats under a hazy summer sky convey his passion for New England and for the art of painting.  He paints on site and from life to absorb sensations and a visual vocabulary of place that, later in the studio he draws upon with greater freedom of expression.  More than anything else, he aspires to be a brilliant composer.  He sees painting as a lens for exploring perception and viewing the world through feeling.  His paintings seem to be about the tension between looking and responding, questions of perception, subjectivity and representation.  Yet they are also about a state of mind – something purely non-rational and intuitive.

Painting bounces between the thrill of the medium of paint, the challenge of responding authentically to the world and to the painting in progress, and mindfulness of the history and traditions of western art.  As an artist schooled in tradition and reared in a modern world, he has been able to cross the advance in modern materials and tools with a deep respect for old world methods. Trained in the classical tradition, Solomon painted portraits and figurative works before focusing on landscapes.  His passion for landscape bloomed among a group of plein air painters inspired by the rich tradition in New England American Impressionism.  Like the New England Impressionists, Solomon feels light is the defining factor, and it is the atmospheric quality of  the light that he captures in his paintings.  His work is an effort to attain that perfect state of  being that sometimes comes from the act of painting.

Only by painting en plein air can one react to the ever-changing, energy-charged world of nature with a spirit and spontaneity unobtainable in the studio.  Solomon is a believer that less is more in painting, and the brushstroke is an artwork's essence, strong impressionist brushwork, value relationships and color.
The rhythm established by bold strokes of paint brings the surface to life.  Studio paintings are always done from oil sketches and notations completed on location.

His paintings have found a home in numerous collections worldwide, and he has had the pleasure of meeting many of those collectors.  He is flattered to be included in those collections, hanging alongside many of his favorite artists. 





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Burnside Fountain