Bylaw revisions 2018




Bylaw Changes for Membership Vote

As part of our becoming incorporated and a legal non-profit entity, the Artist Guild of Shrewsbury needs to amend its by-laws.

The amended proposed bylaws are available here or available in hard copy on request. In order to finalize these changes, we need a membership vote, which will be held at the June) meeting.


Some changes are of a house-keeping nature - documenting items/procedures we have already had in place. The major change is the naming/structure of our executive board.

The key changes are:

We have had a steering committee composed of the AGS Chairperson, Committee chairpersons, and member(s) at large.

As we are now a corporation, we should have this organization managed by a Board of Directors. For ease of transition, we are proposing that those holding these positions be named Directors. Being a committee chair or member at large of the Steering Committee does not require Directorship (and vice versa).

Some additional changes are clarifications, including:

  • Fees for special events
  • Approval of any hanging fees for exhibits
  • Liability waivers from members
  • How Treasurer will handle donations as well as documentation required for tax exemptions.


Your steering committee will be happy to answer any questions about these changes. It is very important that we vote on these changes before our summer hiatus.

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